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Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow.Mahatma Gandhi

My Grandpa

By Nick Lowman

My Grandpa wasn't the man who suffered from horrible disease.

He was the strongest man that fought for so long

He was always laughing in front of his Grandkids

Even though he was in so much pain.

Despite the fact he hurt so much,

He was a big loving, caring, funny, enthusiastic person.

And he did it all for us.

We will cherish those memories forever.

This is what Grandpa is to me:

My Grandpa is the sun that shines everyday

Reminding us how lucky we are.

He is the birds that sing

In my Grandma's nice backyard.

He's the feeling I get

When someone cares to help me out.

My grandpa is the country music

That plays in Grandmas house.

My Grandpa is the Avalanche Fans

When they win the Stanley Cup

He's the devoted people

That never give up.

My grandpa is the stars

That gleam and shine at night.

He's the brightness each kid has

In their little night light.

My grandpa is a puppy's joy

When it's first brought home.

He's the excitement of kids outside

When school is postponed.

My Grandpa is the courage

Of a rescue worker in the act.

He is the warm and soft first cookie

Of a homemade batch.

My Grandpa is my conscience

That states what's right from wrong.

He is the perfect rhythm

Of everyone's favorite song.

My Grandpa has a life now

That can't compare to ours.

But if you ever want to see him

Just look into the stars.


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